Module 10:

Reception Assistance

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The reception is where the couple, wedding party, and guests come together and celebrate the couple’s new unity. Once all the formalities are out of the way, everyone relaxes and has fun. You won’t have time to relax, though. The reception is chock-full of wedding events that need to be managed with precision. Things typically slow down once the open dancing starts and then it tends to pick back up towards the end of the night. 


Bridal Party Entrance

The bridal Party entrance happens when the reception starts. The MC will call all those who were in the bridal party out to the floor. They will either make a line on the dance floor or go to their tables. If they go to their tables, they will need to know where they are sitting before the bridal party entry.


First Dance

This is where the couple dances to their favorite song for the first time as a married couple.


Father/Daughter Dance

Father and daughter dance to a song that usually has a special meaning to them.


Mother/Son Dance

Mother and son dance to a song that usually has a special meaning to them.



Before dinner is served, there is usually a blessing done by an honored guest.



After the blessing, dinner will be served. It’s always nice to plate the couple’s food first and have it ready for them at their table. Dinner can either be buffet-style or plated. Bridal party members will usually go next along with the photographers. Then tables will be excused. As an assistant, it might be your job to excuse tables.



When the last person at the wedding is serviced and seated, the toasts usually begin. Toasts should be no more than 15 minutes total. It’s helpful to remind the DJ to announce that toasts will start in 10 minutes so everyone can get a drink from the bar if the couple is not doing a champagne toast.


Cake Cutting

Once toasts are done, cake cutting usually follows. Make sure the caterers are aware of when this event is going to start. They need about a 15-minute warning.


Open Dancing

Cake Cutting will usually roll right into open dancing. This is where everyone is welcomed to step up and boogie.

Be sure to ask the planner what your role should be when setting up, but here are some tasks that might come up:

  • Helping to line up bridal party
  • Helping to remind vendors of upcoming events
  • Excusing tables for food
  • Making sure the bride and groom have a beverage for toasts
  • Making sure forks and plates are on the cake table
Here is the timeline from which we’re working and learning. The highlighted area in the timeline is the section we’re currently discussing. Please note: Reception events can be in a different order. Just like a ceremony, there are different ways a reception can be scheduled.