Module 1: Course Info

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Welcome! I’m so excited to have you. It’s easy to become a wedding planner (since no licensing is required), but to actually start a wedding planner business—well, that can be quite intimating. This is the reason we created this course. Our step-by-step approach will guide you through the overwhelming process of creating a wedding planning business.

How the Lessons Are Organized

Each lesson is individually important and could require you to print attachments, watch videos, do action items, or read feature articles. Some of the lessons include resources that you can follow up on if you’re interested.


Expanding Knowledge Base

Every lesson will include an article to read that will expand your understanding of the lesson. The articles may give you another perspective on the topic or simply reinforce the lesson.


Attachments and Worksheets

Some lessons will contain downloads and printables. These attachments act as worksheets to allow you to put into practice the lesson we’re discussing. It is highly recommended that you take a few moments and work on the task at hand before moving on to the next lesson.


Resources at Your Fingertips

Inside some of the lessons we have a special section called Resources at Your Fingertips, where you’ll find a variety of links. These are things we think could benefit you, but please understand there is no obligation to check them out. Full disclosure—I am affiliated with some of the links. However, I would never recommend something I don’t use or love.


Action Items

Every lesson will have a few action items to complete. We want you to feel like you have actually accomplished something by the time you finish this course. It is also recommended that you complete all action items before moving on to the next lesson.



Videos are provided to help explain certain topics. Not all lessons have these videos.


Starting a wedding planner business is scary! And fear is a very real thing. The worst thing about fear is that it stops us from achieving great things. Fear is often caused by the unknown. And if you’re contemplating starting a wedding planner company, there’s lot of unknown!

But there are a few myths out there that I want to dispel for those of you who are seriously thinking about getting into the wedding planning business. I see many wedding planners being held back by their preconceived notion of what they “think” they need to be a successful wedding planner.


Having to be certified is probably of the biggest myths out there about becoming a wedding planner. You do not need to be certified. However, it is a good idea to look into educational courses. Educational courses can help give you confidence and will help you serve your clients better. 


Offices are super expensive and a total waste of money, in my opinion. You do not need one to start a wedding planning business. A coffee shop or a hotel lobby is a great place to meet potential clients. If you’re convinced you need one, look into a shared space with other wedding vendors.


Things will be a lot easier for you if you have experience, but it’s not essential to start a company. Most wedding planners get into the business after planning their own wedding. And though, technically, this is considered “experience,” the day was about them and what they wanted.

When you have to plan someone else’s wedding day, there’s a whole new skill set that has to be cultivated.

It’s nice when you already know vendors and have been seasoned by hard situations, but I will say that confidence is far more important than experience when you’re new. You can seek out opportunities while you’re building your business. Read this article for more ideas on how to get experience when you’re new.


You can start a wedding planning company without having a large portfolio. Many newer wedding planners use their own wedding when designing their own website and social media content. You can totally do this. You can also look into using stock photos for more diverse content.

I see nothing wrong with buying stock photos, especially if you’re trying to build a certain type of brand. I believe you’ll attract the type of bride you’re looking for with the right photographs. Read about how to use stock photos here.