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Here at Engaged Wedding Planner Academy, it is our mission to help aspiring wedding planners get the footing they need to empower them to become leaders of the industry. We do this first by sorting out the basics—how to run a successful business—and then by working on their skills as a planner.

Have you set up your business properly? Have you created a legal and sustainable business?

If you’ve enjoyed this course and want to learn more about owning a wedding planner business, be sure to take our Wedding Business Builder Course. 

Thank you for taking this course! I hope it has helped you utilize workflows more effectively. When it comes to creating a client experience, workflows have the ability to be a worthwhile investment to your wedding planner business.

Value Added

There are more ways to create a client experience, though. One of the best ways to do this is by adding value to your services that cost absolutely nothing to you but are extremely beneficial to your brides. This is called value added. This is one way to set yourself apart from the competition. You can do this by adding a welcome packet to your client experience. Your welcome packet should include key documents that give your bride as much information as possible about the planning process so that she doesn’t have to rely on you.

Want the Shortcut?

Don’t have time to create a client welcome packet? We have a solution for you. Check out our Lovely Welcome Packet Template.

The Lovely Wedding Planner Welcome Packet template is the perfect combination of bold and modern. It was designed for those who love neutral palettes with a pop of color- but you can make it your own with your own colors.

“This welcome packet template is functional in its delivery of important information to clients while being aesthetically impressive in its design. It’s easy to use and provided me with an amazing foundation for a tool that I knew I wanted to use in my business, but didn’t even know where to start to create it. I am glad that I decided to purchase this template and will likely purchase more of Valerie’s products in the future.” –Erin Moter 

Welcome packet pages include:

  • Client welcome letter
  • Package description
  • Policies and client conduct
  • Important dates
  • Preferred vendor list
  • A la carte services
  • Tools and resources
  • Important Dates

The Professional Wedding Planner Badge is an annual award that recognizes newer wedding planners who have reached an education goal. This prestigious honor only represents wedding planners who are motivated by improving the industry and themselves.