Module 4: What to Automate?

To do



So now that you know how to set up a workflow, what in the world are you going to automate? The sky is the limit!





Go ahead a create a workflow for all the services you offer. Create a workflow for Wedding Event Management, Partial Planning, and Full-Service Planning.


Styled Shoots

Love doing styled shoots? Do you get overwhelmed with all the steps you need to take from vision to completion? Use a workflow to organize it all. And the best part: as you learn from every shoot, go ahead and add to your workflow.


Lead Management

Create a seamless system for all your leads. Send a questionnaire or send out vital information and sales copy about your company as soon as someone inquires.


Canned Email Responses

Are you finding yourself saying the same thing over and over? Repeating yourself often enough that you recite your answers word for word? Let’s automate your email responses!