Module 3:

Creating a Workflow

To do



So here’s the lesson you’ve been waiting for: How to Create Your HoneyBook Workflow.


Step #1

First, here’s a little refresher training on the different functions you’re going to use to create your workflow.


Step #2

This is probably the hardest part to creating a workflow: analyzing your process. Pre-planning your workflow is going to save you so much time in the long run. I highly recommend taking the extra step to write down everything you do as soon as a client books. Go ahead and complete the download provided (a freebie bonus just for you!) to help you organize your system.

Step #3

Once you’ve done the hardest part, pre-planning, you can easily move through setting up your workflow. This video will show you how to implement your pre-planning process.

Step #4

Here’s the very last step! Adding the workflow to your client’s project.

So, what did you think? Easy peasy lemon squeezy? Like I stated before, creating a workflow is not for those who lack gumption. It’s time consuming and a mental workout! But I hope you now feel a little better about creating one.