Module 2: Tools

To do



So here’s the good news! Once you get the hang of HoneyBook’s workflow system, your life is going to magically change. I mean, like, rainbows appearing out of nowhere and bluebirds singing on your shoulder. When I first discovered the magic of workflows, I wanted to scream on top of mountains, rooftops, and at poor, unsuspecting, networking victims, “Have you tried workflows yet? THEY WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!”




Now for the bad news. Figuring out the workflow process sucks! It’s time consuming, brain cell straining, and, well, as exciting as watching paint dry. In fact, you might already know this and that’s why you’re taking this course. When you’re running a business, it’s hard to take time out of your busy schedule to figure it out.




The Tools

The foundational tools every workflow system has are Tasks, Sending Emails, and Sending Questionnaires.



Tasks are items that are on your to-do list. These are things you don’t send out but want to be reminded of. For example, doing a summary call or sending an email to a photographer for photos after a wedding.



How many emails you do send out each day? Each week? Most emails are often repeated throughout a service, so why not automate them? Create canned messages and let your workflow take care of them.



This is one of my favorite features. If you’re like me, you send lots of questionnaires. With this feature, you no longer have to think about when to send them—it’s amazing!