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Here at Engaged Wedding Planner Academy, it is our mission to help aspiring wedding planners get the footing they need to empower them to become leaders of the industry. Go ahead and take this quiz to see what your next course should be.


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We’ve spent hours trying to develop the best courses we can to help newer wedding planners grow and scale their business. I am so proud of the course that we’ve created, and I am so glad you agree!

As I am sure you know, affiliate marketing is a great way to diversify your income stream. Creating a passive income stream is what helped me and my family do some fun things, and it’s created much more flexibility in my own business.

And that’s why we developed this affiliate program: to give back to people like YOU who can benefit as well!

OK, here’s the basic deets:
✔ 30% commission for full-priced courses
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I just finished the Assistant Wedding Planner Course by Engaged Wedding Planner Academy- got my certificate and 20 Expert Points! Inside you’ll learn the foundations of becoming a wedding planner. See how I did it here.

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I’m always working on better ways to serve newer wedding planners like yourself and I want to personally say thank you for enrolling. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Assistant Wedding Planner Course!

I’m looking for rave reviews of the Assistant Wedding Planner Course. If you have one that you’d love to share, I’ll send you a $10 Amazon gift card to show my appreciation. The review must be at least 180 words. Please share your experience of the course and how it helped you specifically. I will also need you to email me a pic of yourself for marketing purposes. Please keep these things in mind when writing your review:

  • What were you struggling with before taking this course?
  • Why did you decide to take this course?
  • What was your biggest takeaway from the course?
  • Is there anything you wish would had been discussed a little more?
  • How many stars would you give this course?

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