Module 8: Ceremony Assistance

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If a couple has decided to have sides, if you’re facing the altar:

Christian wedding – Bride’s side is left, Groom’s side is right

Jewish wedding – Bride’s side is right, Groom’s side is left


Lining Up the Bridal Party

The wedding planner might ask you to help line up the bridal party. If this happens, they should get you a piece of paper so you can rattle off names and get them ready to walk.


Bridal Party Walk

When the bridal party is walking in separately, the groomsmen will usually walk in from the side. This is not always the case, though; sometimes, they will walk down the aisle (for example, in an outdoor wedding). It will just depend on the venue you’re using and your best judgment. There is no right or wrong here.


If the bridal party is walking in together, the groom will walk in after the officiant, using the same song that the parents use. The bridal party will walk in from shortest to tallest except for the Maid of Honor and Best Man; they will walk in together, last. They will also fill in the sides from the outside in so the tallest is next to the besties.


Music Cues

Because there is a good chance you will not be able to hear the music standing in the back with the bridal party, the planner will use music cues to let the musician/DJ know when to change the music. For example: When the MOB sits down – change music. When the flower girl reaches the altar – change music.


Landmark Cues

Landmarks cues can help a planner with spacing out the bridal party members when they walk down the aisle. The planner should have communicated with the ceremony entertainer about what cues to watch for. For example, a planner might say, “halfway down the aisle, the next pair goes.”


Church Doors

If you have doors available, planners will use them for a bit of dramatic flare. I will usually line up the bridal party while having the bride hidden away. Once the flower girl goes, I will close the doors. When the music changes and the bride’s music starts playing, my assistant and I will open the doors for the bride to walk through. This makes for a stunning and memorable event. If doors aren’t available, don’t worry, but do try to keep the bride from being seen. 


Bridal Party Order



Bridal Party

Maid of Honor

Ring Bearer

Flower Girl


Be sure to ask the planner what your role should be when setting up, but here are some tasks that might come up:

  • Setting up décor
  • Making sure officiant has mic
  • Helping with lining up the wedding party
  • Passing out programs
  • Directing guests as to where to sit
  • Boutting guys
  • Cleaning up décor
  • Flipping the room

Here is the timeline from which we’re working and learning. The highlighted area in the timeline is the section we’re currently discussing.