Module 7:

Setup Assistance

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For an afternoon wedding with a decent sized bridal party, hair and makeup will begin in the morning. The bridal party could be going to a salon, or they could have it all done at a house/hotel room. While the bridal party is getting ready, you will be helping the planner set up the venue with the bride’s décor. There will be varying factors with this as well, though. The contracted time you have at the venue will determine when your wedding work day will begin. The earlier you can start, the better!


Setting Up the Venues

Setup always takes longer than you think it will. Set out all personal items as things move along. Keep in mind that there might be a situation where the planner might have to leave you alone to set up while they go to the ceremony site. If this must happen, make sure they give you the inventory list with a full description of the tasks that need be completed.

Be sure to ask the planner what your role should be when setting up, but here are some tasks that might come up:

  • Setting up tables and chairs
  • Setting up ceremony or reception décor (depends on when venues open)
  • Putting down table linens
  • Setting out tableware (plates, glassware, flatware)
  • Folding napkins
  • Telling vendors where to set up


For you to set up a bride’s décor properly, the wedding planner should have had the couple complete an inventory worksheet. This worksheet will list out all the décor the bride is bringing in and where she wants it to go. Inventory boxes need to be labeled and all in one place. The floor plan needs to be set up with the correct tables and chairs. It’s your job to make sure the specs are correct before you set up. This is all something you will want to discuss in detail with your planner if you have any questions. Not being prepared for setup can cause you to run late. If you don’t have a place to store the décor boxes, use a covered table. 

Here is the timeline from which we’re working and learning. The highlighted area in the timeline is the section we’re currently discussing.