Module 6: The Timeline

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The wedding planner is in charge of sending out a master timeline to all of the vendors. They will usually do this a few days before the wedding after speaking to all the vendors and confirming their arrival times. Below is a sample timeline. We are going to use this timeline throughout the rest of the course. Remember, this is just a sample. To build an accurate timeline, there are many factors in play that a wedding planner has to account for. They usually know how long a certain wedding event will take and will plan appropriately.

In this timeline we assume the ceremony and reception are at two different locations. We also know that we only have an 8-hour window for the reception venue and 3 hours for the ceremony venue. This is not always the case because each venue has its own policies. Some venues give you the whole day. Those are the types of details a wedding planner needs in order to make an accurate timeline.