Module 3:

Looking Professional

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Are you wondering what you should wear at a wedding you’re assisting with? I would first ask the planner what they would prefer you to wear. Some planners have a special theme or a brand style when it comes to their clothing, so it’s always good to be aware of that. If they don’t, then I recommend the following attire.



Wearing all black is a good choice when it comes to wedding day attire. Black hides you and helps to keep you in the background. Always avoid wearing white—that color is designated for the bride and all her glory. Make sure whatever you choose to wear is comfortable but business attire. Black slacks, a black dress, or a black jumpsuit are always good options for a wedding. Some weddings might be outside, so make sure you have an appropriate jacket to wear on cold nights.


Comfortable Shoes

Shoes! Let’s talk SHOES! I see this question posed quite often by newer planners in a variety of planner forums. What are the best shoes to wear on the day of the wedding? Ones that can go the distance and not kill your feet? There’s no such thing. I mean, some shoes are better than others, but I’ve never found a magical shoe—and, believe me, I’ve tried them all. I once paid $200 for a pair of shoes in hopes they would be my magical unicorn. What I have found works best, though, is a flat shoe, ballerina style, with memory foam. Your feet will always be achy at the end of the night, but the goal is to find shoes that won’t give you blisters!

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If you’re wondering what you should to bring with you to a wedding, I’ve got a list for you right here:


Black Portfolio with a Clipboard

I carry around a black portfolio with a clipboard inside. I like to have hard copies of my worksheets and timelines, and I keep this valuable paperwork in my portfolio. Internet and cell service can be unpredictable at some venue locations, and that’s why I love having a portfolio I can carry around. Inside, I can fit my cell phone, pens, and business cards.

Fanny Pack

Fanny packs can be useful if you need your hands free and don’t want to worry about tracking down where you set your portfolio. If you’re a paperless kinda person, then carrying around a fanny pack might be a great option for you.



The reality is that sometimes our phone goes dead mid-wedding. They just can’t take all the activity we need them to handle on a given wedding day—photos, apps, internet googling, posting to social media. When this happens, an old-school wristwatch can be a lifesaver.


Setup Apron

Changing into “nice” clothes after setting up can sometimes be hard to do. If time is not typically your friend, then I recommend wearing an apron while you set up. I love aprons with tight pockets. This way things won’t fall out while you’re bending over.



Make sure you bring lots and lots of water! If you’re working outside, the elements can really wear on you. Make sure you stay hydrated.



Bring a few snacks with you. The kind of snack that gives you energy and makes you feel full. Try not to bring any messy, sticky, or crumbly snacks.



In the wedding industry, dinner is usually provided by the couple. We often call this a vendor meal. This is not a guarantee, though. You will want to ask the planner about vendor meals. If you have dietary restrictions, the couple is not required to accommodate you for vendor meals unless specified in the planner contract. Dietary meals tend to cost more. Please be advised and plan accordingly.