Module 12:

Dealing with Wedding Day Surprises

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Weddings hardly ever go as planned. Even when you’re prepared to the max, some unexplained thing will happen. It could be that a vendor gets stuck in bad traffic or adverse weather shows up in the day’s forecast. Things will happen that are outside our control. As planners, we are the ones who have to come up with solutions to problems and be able to think on our feet. Remember, the first thing to do when surprises occur is breathe! How you react in this type of situation will leave a lasting impression on vendors and your client, so think before you act. Here are a few examples that might cause some hiccups.



Delays aren’t fun to deal with—I know this from personal experience—but they do happen. It’s important for ceremonies to start on time. If the ceremony runs late, then the other vendors will run late, potentially upsetting the caterers and DJ if they have to work longer hours. They also might charge your client for the extra time they spend at the wedding. But life happens. If this occurs, be transparent with the guests and vendors. 



I hate pulling out the Plan B card at an outdoor wedding for bad weather. I started my business in Florida, where summer afternoon showers were a given, and I had to use this plan quite a bit. But living in denial won’t stop bad weather from happening. Ask your planner what the Plan B protocol might be before the wedding day.



Another wedding day surprise could be a parking situation—for wedding party members, guests, and vendors alike. Have a feel for the city’s current parking situation and the parking availability. Is downtown parking hard to find? Will there be a street festival or event taking place during the wedding weekend? Vendors need to be able to unload their stuff with ease; will this be possible? Have a parking plan in place before the day of the wedding. 

Try the techniques listed below to get you through unexpected wedding day surprises.


Focus on the big picture

The big picture is the bride and groom getting married. If the problem is little, most likely no one will even notice. 


The key to everything is your attitude

Your attitude has to be positive. Your demeanor will diffuse the situation.


Wait for a few moments

Take a moment and breathe in the problem so you don’t get flustered and start swearing. In those moments, the problem might even fix itself.


Emotional detachment is important

If you can, try to detach emotionally. You’ll be able to think more clearly and look at a problem more logically.