Module 11:

End-of-the-Night Assistance

To do



By now your feet are sore and achy. The wedding’s end is almost here, but you still have many tasks ahead of you to complete. You will help the planner line up the guests for a send-off and clean up the bride’s décor. Typically, you only have an hour for cleanup at the venue. All items will need to be taken home because the venue won’t store them. 


Bouquet/Garter Toss

This is where the bride tosses her tossing bouquet to all her single female guests and the groom tosses the garter to the single male guests. For the garter toss, a chair will need to be placed in the middle of the floor for the bride to sit on. This event is not always done and is sometimes substituted with some other event.


Bridal Basket

A bridal basket is a container of leftover food. The caterers, knowing the couple didn’t get a lot to eat, will sometimes make a to-go box for them to eat for a late-evening snack. Planners usually facilitate the newlywed couple getting into the getaway car at the end of night.



The couple will usually do a big exit when they leave the venue. This could include sparklers, bubbles, glow sticks, etc. Their exit will greatly depend on what the venue allows.



After the exit, cleanup will begin. You typically only get an hour to clean up, so it’s usually a team effort. As an assistant, you help with putting the bride’s décor back into the box.

Be sure to ask the planner what your role should be when setting up, but here are some tasks that might come up:

  • Getting a chair for the garter toss
  • Squeezing the bottom of the tossing bouquet with a towel
  • Getting exit items ready
  • Taking the bridal basket to the car
  • Lining up guests for the send-off
  • Helping to clean up
  • Packing up the bride’s décor
  • Assisting with putting gifts in the car
  • Putting away tables and chairs

Here is the timeline from which we’re working and learning. The highlighted area in the timeline is the section we’re currently discussing.