Create a Proposal + Send a Contract

HoneyBook has really simplified the contract and payment process for small wedding businesses. This is one of the best featured of HoneyBook. They make sending contracts and invoices so easy!


The proposal is a list of services you are proposing to offer and includes a signed agreement with an invoice (payment schedule). When your client receives a proposal, they will be able to review the proposed services, sign the agreement and seamlessly make their payment online.

Payment Schedule

Your payment schedule is your payment terms. For example, a retainer will be due at the time of the signed contract. They rest of the amount owned will depend on your contract terms, but it can be easily setup in HoneyBook.

A Service Agreement or Contract

A service agreement is an agreement between you and your client. A service is not tangible, and sometimes it is very subjective. Because of this, you need to be protected with strong contract terms.

Creating and Sending a Proposal

Your invoice will have three parts to it: Proposal, Payment Schedule, and Agreement. Once everything is filled out and ready to go you will send the email to the couple. When a clients pays their retainer online, the credit card company will take 3% of the fee. This is standard business practice so adjust your prices accordingly.

Day #3 Challenge:

  1. Create a proposal for Jessica using your invoice template. Send when you’re finished.

Products for Consideration:

Wedding Planner Pricing Workbook. One of the most common issues new wedding planners seem to face is how to price their packages. In this workbook, you’ll be guided through activities to help you increase your self-worth and learn what you should be charging for your services. 

Wedding Planner Contract by Engaged Legal. This attorney-drafted Wedding & Event Planner contract is the culmination of years of experience working with event-industry folks.

Products for Consideration

DIY Wedding Planner Website Workbook. Learn how to create a beautiful website with this complete step-by-step guide for beginners. We’ll walk you through all the content needed for a beautifully designed website. Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll learn how to build a fully functioning website using the WIX platform.

Share a Preferred Vendor List

A preferred vendor list is often included in a wedding planner’s package. It would be wise not to hand this out willy nilly. Our contacts should be a selling point and one of the reasons we are valued. HoneyBook makes giving out a preferred vendor list a hundred times easier.


We all know that depending on the vendors you work with, you’ll either have an amazing outcome or a wedding with unhappy clients. It would be wise to update this list often with trusted and vetted vendors. Plus, once you create a really great vendor team, you’ll find yourself with a lot more referral business.

HoneyBook Considerations

There are a few things to mention when it comes to creating a preferred vendor list. Only contacts that have been added to HoneyBook as vendors/creatives—whether by you, by them, or by someone else—are able to be starred. Client accounts cannot be added as preferred vendors. Clicking the attachment will open the list of vendors, and your client can click “Inquire” to send a message to any vendor they are interested in learning more about. If you do not select specific vendors to send, your client will receive all of your preferred vendors as recommendations.  

Day #3 Your Challenge

  1. Go ahead and manually add these vendors to in your contacts tab.
  2. Then send these vendors to your booked bride.
  3. Send your email and questionnaire to Jessica.


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