Create a Workflow

Let’s face it, HoneyBook, or any project management system for that matter, is not cheap. And although they have tons of lovely features, if you’re not utilizing all of them, you’re not getting your money’s worth.

Today, let’s change that! Let’s automate your system so you can provide a better client experience!

Client Onboarding

Cut down on the time you spend onboarding clients. With HoneyBook workflows, your onboarding process can be much more efficient. You’ll no longer have to spend an hour or so delivering welcome documents; you can now push one button and it does it for youevery. single. time!

Never Forget Again!

Have you ever forgotten to send an important email or questionnaire? It’s pretty easy to do when you’re juggling 7+ brides at any given time. Workflows prevent tasks from slipping through the cracks.

Your Time Is Valuable

You already know that time = money. So stop wasting time on repeated tasks that you are manually doing over and over. With workflows, you don’t have to think about sending a timeline questionnaire; it will automatically go out at the designated time.

A workflow is the mandatory progression of steps (tasks or activities) that add value to your organization’s activities. These steps should be followed each and every time you work with a client. 

The Tools

The foundational tools every workflow system has are Tasks, Sending Emails, and Sending Questionnaires.


Tasks are items that are on your to-do list. These are things you don’t send out but want to be reminded of. For example, doing a summary call or sending an email to a photographer for photos after a wedding.


How many emails do you send out each day? Each week? Most emails are often repeated throughout a service, so why not automate them? Create canned messages and let your workflow take care of them.


This is one of my favorite features. If you’re like me, you send lots of questionnaires. With this feature, you no longer have to think about when to send them—it’s amazing!

So here’s the lesson you’ve been waiting for: How to Create Your HoneyBook Workflow.


Step #1

First, here’s a little refresher training on the different functions you’re going to use to create your workflow.

Step #2

This is probably the hardest part of creating a workflow: analyzing your process. Pre-planning your workflow is going to save you so much time in the long run. I highly recommend taking the extra step to write down everything you do as soon as a client books. Go ahead and complete the download provided (a freebie bonus just for you!) to help you organize your system.

Step #3

Once you’ve done the hardest part, pre-planning, you can easily move through setting up your workflow. This video will show you how to implement your pre-planning process.

Step #4

Here’s the very last step! Adding the workflow to your client’s project.

So, what did you think? Easy peasy lemon squeezy? Like I stated before, creating a workflow is not for those who lack gumption. It’s time consuming and a mental workout! But I hope you now feel a little better about creating one.

Use the worksheet below to help you plan out your first workflow.

Day #5 Challenge:

  1. Open the HoneyBook Sample Templates file and create a Workflow.
  2. Add that workflow to Jessica’s file.
  3. Pre-plan your own workflow with the attached file. 

**NOTE: If you plan on using the automation of a workflow, make sure your salutations are generic.

To do



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