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External Branding


This is probably one of the best parts of starting a wedding planning business—branding! It’s where your creativity comes to life. Where your dreams transform into the company you have envisioned for yourself. There are a lot of factors that go into your brand. In this lesson we will cover this crucial business step; however, please note that “branding” is a vast topic and I recommend doing some more in-depth research on the subject. 

Name Game

First, you want to choose your company name. This step can easily be the most time-consuming. Make sure it’s something you truly love and it fits your ideal client.

The Logo

Once you decide on a name, it’s time to create a logo. Having a logo is not as critical as you might think, but it’s still an important step to complete. 

Visual Details

Figuring out your visual details, such as fonts and colors, is a step you don’t want to undervalue. This is how you’re going to make an emotional connection with people who interact with your brand. 

Colors and emotions:


The images you choose to display on your website or social media will play a huge part in the type of response you get from potential clients. That is why I 100% believe in stock images if you have no photos of your own yet. 

Read pages 15-34 in the Branding Workbook. Do all the workbook exercises. 

Share with our FB group what you are currently struggling with the most when it comes to your external branding. Give feedback or ideas for how to conquer these struggles to 3 other group members.

Share 3 images with the group, #1 Brand Colors, #2 Fonts, and #3 Your client avatar. Do they match up? Give feedback to at least 3 others.