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Finding Your Ideal Client


Today we’re going to try to identify your ideal client and your niche market. When you have this information in hand, your branding will become a lot more clear. For example, if your ideal client likes the color pink, then maybe having a blue-colored website isn’t the greatest idea. The best time to really analyze your ideal client is when you start branding your company. Does she like barn weddings, outdoor weddings, ballroom weddings, or small weddings? You don’t want to pigeonhole your preferred client, but you do want to know who to market to. Do they like coffee or wine? Poodles or Yorkies? Knowing these details will help you choose what type of content to provide on your website or social media and make your future business decision-making so much easier.

Your Niche

I’ve known many wedding planners who have become experts within a niche. For example, I know someone who only did Indian weddings. She was the guru and because of that, her calendar stayed filled year round. I’ve also known a wedding planner whose niche was beach elopements. She was the go-to person for intimate weddings on the beach. She had connections to beach permits, rentals, and budget-friendly vendors. Hers would be the first business you’d see on Google, and local businesses would recommend her all the time. This is why you want to pick a niche. You want to be “that person,” “the go-to gal” in your local area. Even better if you have specific training in your niche. 

Ideal Client and Branding

Your ideal client goes hand in hand with your branding. Since you’re creating a brand to naturally attract a certain type of client, it only makes sense that you start defining who your ideal client is. By defining who this person is and targeting them specifically, you can begin to attract them in every way. If your ideal client likes blue, would you use a different color brand? No, you wouldn’t. Knowing your target market is the foundation of all aspects of your branding.

Why a Client Avatar?

A client avatar helps you create a connection with a potential client without the hard sale. It makes it feel like you’re talking to a friend and not a stranger in your marketing. Getting a handle on your ideal client right from the start will help you create better website content, blog posts, and social media marketing because it will be more targeted to the needs of those you want to serve.

Mix of You and Your Ideal Client

Now for the fun part—putting it all together based on a mix of who your ideal client is and who you are. You should never try to be someone you’re not. Being authentic is the best way to serve your clients, so be sure the real you is represented in your brand as well. Know your voice and tone since that will be just as much a part of your brand as your logo, name, and imagery.

Your Value

Your value to your client must be very clear. Are you the go-to person for getting a beach permit? Or working a complicated venue layout? Make sure the value you give is visible in your business copy. This means in blog posts, videos, podcasts, and social media posts. The value you provide must be desired by your ideal client for it to be appreciated. 


Read pages 7-17 in the Finding Your Niche Workbook. Do all the exercises in this section. In our FB group, tell us what your niche is and why. What is missing in your local area?
Read pages 18-23 in the Finding Your Niche Workbook. Do all the exercises in this section. In 5-6 sentences, tell us who your ideal client is.
Read page 32- Create a Client Avatar. Share your finished product with our FB group and give feedback on at least 3 others.